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Interview with Chris Bradford about Bodyguard and new projects !
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auteur Chris Bradford
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An interview with Chris Bradford, following the release of his fourth book from the BodyGuard series in France !

Mes Premières Lectures : Hi Chris, could you re-introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about how you came to writing ?

Chris Bradford : Hello, I’m Chris Bradford, author of the BODYGUARD and Young Samurai series. I was originally a musician, songwriter and martial artist before coming up with the idea for Young Samurai – a story that completely changed my world. Ten years and twenty-five novels later, my books have sold over 1.5 million copies, been published in over 25 languages and been nominated for more than 30 book awards. I have to pinch myself sometimes to confirm that my life is not a dream !

Mes Premières Lectures : How did you come up with the idea of the Bodyguard agency ? I believe that you were trained to be a bodyguard yourself ?

Chris Bradford : The idea came from a radio program where a close protection officer said – « The best bodyguards are the ones nobody notices » That single line triggered a six book series in my head about teenagers recruited as young bodyguards.

In order to write the series, I trained and qualified as a professional bodyguard. This is what I call « method writing » - it’s similar to an actor’s method. So I acquired skills in unarmed combat, defensive driving, tactical firearms, threat assessments, surveillance, and even anti-ambush exercises ! My ’method-writing’ technique helps with the storywriting as I gain great ideas to include in the books, such as Cooper’s Color Code and the ‘one-inch-push’. Then when I visit schools, I demonstrate to the students these techniques and bring the Bodyguard books to life !

Mes Premières Lectures : The fourth book of Bodyguard Target -was just released in France (by Casterman). The book focuses on Charley Hunter as she is assigned to protect teen rock star Ash Wild on his sell-out world Tour. What can you tell us about the story and those characters ?


Chris Bradford : This book is a prequel to the whole series and is a nail-biting crime thriller as Charley is in a race to unmask the killer in the midst of the tour before it’s too late. But how will she spot a killer in a crowd of 50,000 screaming fans ?

I also have a confession to make : Ash Wild is the rock star I wanted to be (apart from having the crazed killer stalking me !) Prior to being an author, I wanted to be a rock star. Then I got the opportunity to write a book about songwriting and my career took a different path. But I’m very happy to have ended up an international author – like a rock star, I get to tour many countries, I perform to big crowds, I sign lots of books, and while I don’t get screaming fans, I do get the occasional screaming librarian !

Mes Premières Lectures : Charley Hunter is a surf champion. Is that a sport that you like ?

Chris Bradford : I love surfing ! When I was younger I traveled to Australia, Fiji and Hawaii to surf. I wasn’t that good, but I loved the thrill of riding a wave, just like Charley. And just like Charley I had a shark encounter ! I wasn’t quite as heroic as Charley. I simply bailed and swam as hard as I could for the shore !

Mes Premières Lectures : Can you tell us anything about the future books of Bodyguard ? Will we be travelling and discovering new countries and places ?

Chris Bradford : Bodyguard 5 ASSASSIN takes us to the most dangerous place on earth to be a bodyguard – Russia. Here Connor Reeves must protect Feliks, the only son of Russian billionaire and politician Viktor Malkov, against the Russian mafia - the Bratva. With Feliks being the one chink in his father’s armour, Connor must join forces with his rival Jason to stop a deadly assassin...


After that, in book 6, Connor heads to China where he is on his own, on the hunt and on the run ! This time Connor is the one in need of protection…

Mes Premières Lectures : Do you have any other on-going projects ?

Chris Bradford : Once I complete FUGITIVE (book 6 of the Bodyguard series), I will start writing the final standalone book in the Young Samurai series (book 9). Then I have two books in the GAMER trilogy to complete – the first book is about to be published in France this year !


After that I have a brand new project (recently signed to both Puffin UK and Random House Germany). I can’t tell you much, but if I followed my ‘method-writing’ style… I would have to kill myself and come back to life but I’m not a zombie ; the story involves traveling through time but it isn’t about time travel ! All I can promise is that it will be hugely exciting and action-packed.

Mes Premières Lectures : Will you be visiting France or Europe anytime soon ?

Chris Bradford : France is high on my wish list of countries to return. I have just completed a fantastic tour in Germany (where Bodyguard has gone stratospheric !) and will be heading out there for the Munich book festival in November.


Thanks for the answers Chris !

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Interview with Chris Bradford about Bodyguard and new projects ! : Mes Premières Lectures