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Interview with Chris Bradford !
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An interview with Chris Bradford, following the release of his third book from the BodyGuard series in France !

Hi Chris, could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about how you came to writing ?

I am the author of the BODYGUARD series and the Young Samurai series – and a black belt martial artist. So believe me when I say my books are hard-hitting !

Before becoming an author, I was a professional musician and songwriter (and once performed for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth). During this time, I was given the opportunity to write a book about songwriting (Heart & Soul : the Craft of Songwriting). This book led on to more four books about the music industry and songwriting until one day I had the idea for Young Samurai. Almost over night, I became a full-time children’s author as the series was picked up by over 20 publishers around the world !

How did you come up with the idea of the Bodyguard agency ? I believe that you were trained to be a bodyguard yourself ?

I heard on the radio a close protection officer say « The best bodyguard is the one nobody notices « . This single phrase triggered an idea in my head for a six book series about teenage bodyguards. I knew there had been books about young spies – Cherub and Alex Rider, for example – but no author had written about young bodyguards before.

In order to ensure that my books were authentic and hard-hitting, I trained as a professional bodyguard. During my training, I acquired skills in unarmed combat, defensive driving, tactical firearms, threat assessments, surveillance, and even anti-ambush exercises.

So when you read my Bodyguard books, you know that the contents are real and the techniques my characters learn and use will actually work in the real world !

The third book of Bodyguard was just released in France (by Casterman). After the United-States and the Indian ocean, the story is now set in Africa. Do you know this continent ? What can you tell us about the story ?

I know Africa very well. I did charity work in Zimbabwe for six months then travelled through Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa. I walked with lions, dived with sharks, rode on the back of an éléphant, and even ate live termites on a bush survival course. The continent has a very spécial place in my heart. Once visited, Africa never leaves you.

In AMBUSH, my hero Connor Reeves is tasked with protecting a French diplomat’s family on safari. Considered the perfect assignment, the holiday turns to hell when their convoy is ambushed by gunmen. Fleeing through the bush, Connor and his assigned family become the prey in a shoot-to-kill hunt across the African plains.

This adventure is a non-stop story of survival…


Will the future books of Bodyguard be set on other continents ?

Yes. Book 4, TARGET, is all about Charley Hunter, surf champion and my top female bodyguard recruit. In this book, she is assigned to protect teen rockstar Ash Wild on his sell-out world Tour.


Book 5, ASSASSIN, will be set in Russia – one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a bodyguard. And the final book, FUGITIVE, will end in China. This is where the big conspiracy will be revealed !

Do you have any other on-going projects, other books to be published ?

The Bodyguards series is my main focus at the moment. I have another book series called Young Samurai, about a boy who is shipwrecked in Japan and trains to become the first foreign samurai warrior. The first 3 books are published in French. This series is hugely popular around the world and has been published in over 20 languages.


Will you be in France anytime soon to meet your French readership ?

I would love to return very soon ! I visited France last year for the launch of the Bodyguard series and I had a gréât time meeting my fans. I often travel the world promoting my books. This year I will be touring the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Germany and China ! So I hope to see my French fans next…

Until then my French fans can follow me on Twitter @youngsamurai


Thank you Chris for your answers !

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Interview with Chris Bradford ! : Mes Premières Lectures