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The River Singers
A la Une
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auteur Tom Moorhouse
N° ISBN9780192734808
Série (1)

First novel by English author Tom Moorhouse, The River Singers, is the start of a brand new novel collection for the French publisher Hélium, called Fiction Nature. What can we expect : stories told by animals, adventures and discoveries of species that are often unknown.

In this novel, read the tale of water voles in their natural habitat, follow them in their numerous events that will lead them ever further astray from their home.
Tom Moorhouse works for the department of zoology in the prestigious Oxford University. He has already signed many various books, all focusing on his academic field. The River Singers is his first work of fiction. He lives life as close as possible to nature, and hiking whether in the mountain or in the woods is no more than an everyday stroll to him.
A second volume is already on its way and will be available in France in 2014… !
Once upon a time in a burrow, lived a litter of water voles…
Thus our novel begins, near a quiet river and its reassuring gurgles… But the appearance of an unknown monster feeding on voles and all their peaceful neighbours threatens that serene scenery. What is that strange and frightful creature that everybody fears ? One thing is for certain, it is no owl or fox, which are amongst the vole’s natural predators. It is something else, something much larger, that no one has ever heard of before.
An epic novel in the company of Mother Nature and its inhabitants

In this novel, overflowing with adventure, we follow in the footsteps of four water vole siblings looking for a new home : Sylvan, Orris, Fern and Aven. Each have their very own personality : Sylvan’s restlessness will put him in the sights of predators, Orris is quite the grouchy homebird...
This little company will have to face many dangers in order to find its new home, for it is impossible for them to stay on another vole’s territory, some have been killed for far lesser crimes. The harsh Law of Nature is at work, and only the fittest will survive…
This tale is all about unexpected encounters and unforgettable characters (Especially that of Fodur, who is not a vole but who speaks in a very different way than that of our heroes ; his speech is very succinct but still conveys a bulk of feelings in a very simple way), although it feels very traditional, I dare you to feel bored.
In fact, what sets this story aside is that it is written by someone who has an extensive knowledge of the animals and their lifestyle. Here, the whole storyline is based on that knowledge : we learn about their eating habits, their nests in which they will grow, their relationships, their predators...

The River Singers is a wonderful first novel. We are anxious to see what Tom Moorhouse has in store for Sylvan and his siblings in his second volume. One thing is for sure, it is a great novel for the initiation of young readers to the genre, where animals are the heroes and have problems of their own.
Let us just hope that this is only the first book of a greater adventure that will be even richer in naturalist notions and stories focusing on this unknown species that are the voles !

Perfect for ages 9 to 10.



Thanks to Erwan Devos & Hermine Hémon for translation. 



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